Lakehaven is a small town lost in the boarders of nations. Nestled in a bend in Lake Cyre, on the edge of the Talentia Plains, Valenar and The Mournlands, it is a small towen lost in the shuffle. Highly aggricultural, it serves as a stoppover for travelers passing through. The town is neutral and trades with the Talentia Halflings, the Valenar Elves and anyone else who can be civilised enough to not fight within sight of the town. Due to it’s location, it is a natural melting pot of races with almost all civilized races (and a few not so civilized) on the face of Eberron.

Lakehaven has many farms and “owns” all the land of the bend in the lake from the eastern bay to within sight of the Mistwall. It has a small dock with several fishing boats and even a small barge for trading with Gatherhold.

Downtown Lakehaven is the town propper and has several places of interest including:

Lakehaven Ranch
Anvil Forge
Screedle Knick Knacks
Lakehaven Guardhouse


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