A Changeling dragged by circumstance into questionable moral activities.


True Neutral Changeling Wizard (Divination) 15

HP 61

AC 20

  • STR 14
  • DEX 15
  • CON 13
  • INT 29
  • WIS 16
  • CHA 23
  • Fort 6
  • Ref 6
  • Will 13
  • Knowledge (all in PHB) +13
  • Bluff +15
  • Concentration +17
  • Disguise +16
  • Intimidate +5
  • Sense motive +5
  • Spellcraft +18

Feats: Extraordinary Artisan (x2) Drow Skirmisher, Brew Potion, Craft Wonderous Item, Craft wand, Legendary Artisan, Scribe Scroll, Craft Staff

Special Abilities: Detect Magic at will (Permanent spell), Comprehend Languages (Permanent Spell)

Interesting Items:
  • Medallion of Thoughts. (Gil knows what you’re thinking)
  • Kaarashiir (Staff of Otyluke’s resilient sphere and disintegrate) 32 charges
  • Cube of Force (Nifty force field generator)
  • Orb of the Pryor (Free floating orb granting Gil’s Divination spells a +5 modifier to the resistance DC, and a +5 Spell penetration) VERY costly to make.
  • Rod of Maximize (3x per day ruin opponent’s day)

Gil, like many Changelings, does not speak of his past. He was pursuing his own interests in the village of Lakehaven when a group calling themselves the Triscadeca Belaria unleashed a brutal assault, inexplicably targeting Gil and some other foreigners and threatening to “Break their thirteen”.

He escaped the village along with with a barbaric halfling identifying himself, mystifyingly, as a paladin. Also along was an uncouth goblin (an actual barbarian) and a shifter monk. Despite significant philosophical differences, Gil found himself liking the Paladin and the two became friends as they worked together to unravel the mysteries of Triscadecai and braved many perils. The goblin barbarian proved to be a frighteningly unpredictable ally, placing the party in danger more than once out of a desire to cause mischief. Several other allies presented themselves over time, including a warforged fighter and a changeling rogue who was openly changeling, and openly a law breaker.

Despite his friendship with the Paladin, Gil does not hesitate to deceive perceived foes, nor is theft below him if there is good cause. His actions have historically strained their relationship, though his reasons for acting illicitly have many times resulted in great good for many people. Ever since Gil has learned to read minds, he has demonstrated an unsettling willingness to slay other beings for “thought crime”. However as a result of Gil’s unimpeachable judgement; when Gil struck down a squad of guards seemingly without provocation, not even the Flame of Talentia (or so his friend had been dubbed by the Silver Flame) raised more than light inquiries about what the guards had been planning.

In recent months, Gil has grown in power greatly, but his own mortality haunts him. After several near death experiences, Gil has begun to place self preservation very high indeed on his priority list. He prefers to aid his allies while invisible, hovering over a hundred feet in the air, making surgical strikes with Kaarashiir, his deadly staff of disintegration. More distressing is Gil’s new habit of throwing fireballs and other imprecise ordinance into the mass of friends and foes below him. He claims to know exactly what his friends can and cannot survive and assures them that he only does this when he sees it to be strictly necessary from his vantage point. Gil himself secretly wonders if his intellect has expanded so far past natural endurance that it has finally driven him to madness. He fervently hopes that his judgments are as honest as he believes, and not born out of a desire to slay his own ka-tet.


Triscadeca Belario Nephster